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Spanish court orders internet service providers to block two pirate websites

Fri, 09/03/2018 - 12:20

"Spanish court orders internet service providers to block two pirate websites"

The Commercial Court of Barcelona has ruled in favour of six film and television studios (Columbia, Disney, Paramount, Fox, Universal and Warner) in the lawsuit filed by them against the service providers of the Internet: Telefónica, Vodafone Ono, Orange and Xfera. The ruling orders the operators to block access to the illegal pages. According to the court, these pages damage the legitimate rights of their owners, and illegally profit from the revenues they generate through advertising.

The film industry in Spain welcomes the ruling, which sets a legal precedent in defence of copyright by requiring ISPs to block access by their users to the infringing pages. Stan McCoy, President and Managing Director of MPA EMEA said, "This is a welcome and crucial step towards continuing to address the piracy issue in Spain. These actions are necessary to maintain the sustainability of the creative community both in Spain and throughout Europe. We want to ensure that consumers enjoy entertainment in a safe and secure environment. "

Estela Artacho, president and GM of FEDICINE, linked to agorateka, said, "Thanks to the latest reform of civil procedure Law, we have civil jurisdiction as a new way to protect the film offers we commercialize." Carlota Navarrete, General Director of La Coalición defends the blocking of these pirated sites as the most effective way to combat piracy: "Blocking access to 800 illegal pages, which was achieved in Portugal in 2016, has seen a reduction by 70% and a significant recovery of consumption via legal offers".

More so, according to internet users themselves, blocking access to websites that offer illegal content is considered the most effective measure against piracy (68%) (Piracy Observatory and digital content consumption habits carried out by GfK).


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