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AGORATEKA Roadshow meets interested stakeholders in Budapest and Ljubljana

Thu, 23/11/2017 - 16:54

"AGORATEKA Roadshow meets interested stakeholders in Budapest and Ljubljana"

In the second week of November, the Hungarian and Slovenian intellectual property offices (HIPO and SIPO) kindly hosted the AGORATEKA roadshow. An enthusiastic team travelled to central Europe to present AGORATEKA to an audience of national experts from both the private and public sectors.

Why a roadshow? Why these two countries? The aim of the roadshow is to personally meet stakeholders in countries that have not yet joined AGORATEKA. Hungary and Slovenia responded positively to our proposal, and worked closely with the AGORATEKA project team to make this event a success.

Both editions followed the same agenda. After a warm welcome by the officials, Head of Service Alexandra Poch gave a short introduction. Project Manager René Havermans then took the attendees through the highlights of the project — its genesis, evolution and ambitions. He also focused on the website’s useful features and the concrete incentives for policy makers and citizens to join AGORATEKA.

Finally, the Portuguese representative, Carlos Eugenio, explained how his country had joined the project as a pilot country and highlighted their positive experience of using the AGORATEKA toolkit. This toolkit has been made available by the EUIPO for those countries that do not have a national portal for legal digital content.

This was a crucial part of the programme as the attendees were given the opportunity to discuss the practical points of his experience, which brought up all kinds of questions that the AGORATEKA team was happy to answer.

Hungary is expected to join AGORATEKA in the coming months and Slovenia is seriously considering the matter.

The team wishes to thank HIPO and SIPO for their wonderful reception and excellent cooperation with the project team.


  • AGORATEKA was launched in September 2016 and was received with enthusiasm.
  • To date, 13 countries have joined the portal with at least one national operator.
  • 3 more countries are making the final steps to join shortly.
  • The first AGORATEKA network meeting is planned for 23/01/2018.

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