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More than half of young people in Europe now avoid illegal sources of digital content

Mar, 19/11/2019 - 16:11

"More than half of young people in Europe now avoid illegal sources of digital content "

The 2019 Intellectual Property and Youth Scoreboard launched by the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) shows that 51 % of 15 to 24 year olds in Europe say they have not used, played, downloaded or streamed content from illegal sources in the last 12 months.

The last such study conducted by the EUIPO, in 2016, showed that only 40% of young people avoided using illegal sources of digital content.

The survey also shows a decrease in the percentage of young people who intentionally use illegal sources of digital content, such as music, films, series and games: 21 % in 2019 compared to 25 % in 2016.

Results suggest that this reduction may be linked to the increasing range and affordability of subscription services for digital content. 22 % of those surveyed claim to be willing to pay for such services if the fee is affordable; 9 percentage points more than in 2016.

Young Europeans are increasingly aware of potential online security risks and the importance of observing the law when accessing digital content such as music, films or series, according to the report.

Considerations such as the risk of credit card details being stolen, or viruses infecting personal devices, are reasons for young people to avoid accessing digital content from illegal sources.

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